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A Safe and Healthy environment Starts with a comprehensive hiring process, including professional background checks. If you are hiring candidates, you are not only screening them for a job but how they will fit in with the team. Professional background checks performed by accredited vendors, like Getbackgroundverified, can assist in screening out any sexual predators with a criminal  past  by cross-referencing offences and arrests in national criminal database. 

Workplace sexual harassment isn't just in Hollywood, it does not discriminate against industry, private or public sector, or how many dollars in revenue generated. Movements like #MeToo have put sexual harassment into the spotlight, and it is time for it to stop. It is a global; Issue that affects women and men, and more and more incidents are happening in the workplace where are supposed to feel safe and protected 


Often sexual assault could be happening in your work environment and you might not even be aware it is happening. Sexual harassment can be verbal or non-verbal communication  such as jokes, body language or conversations that  leaves a person feeling victimized sexually. Sexual harassment does not include touch or threats, however it depicts an unwanted behavior that makes an individual feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, or even scared.

It is important to take notice of what is happening around you. Is it part of your regular banter with a co-worker? Or, is it something that could be detrimental in the long run? remember, If you have a right to report any form of sexual harassment or assault to the company's HR department.


Everyone will tell you to report a sexual harassment issue wether it be at work or outside of the workplace, but did you know that often workplace sexual harassment isn't reported. Make that change today. it is encouraged that you report any incident to your HR department, your boss or a co- worker (or the Police if you wish to involve a legal environment), and be sure to review the sexual harassment policies outlined in an employee handbook (If applicable).

When making your report, be sure to be as detailed as possible to help you file case.


Does your workplace have a sexual harassment policy or sexual harassment prevention training/ Often, co-workers cross personal boundries without even knowing they made a potentially life-changing mistake. There are several programs and online courses that can be distributed to employees that help inform individuals what sexual harassment is how to identify sexual harassment, how to prevent it, how to help others who may reach out for support.

This type of training should be done as part of a regular onboarding program for all new hires.

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