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A Driving Record Abstract May Refer To One Of Several Documents requested By Your Insurance Group:

  • Motor vehicle Report or Abstract: This lists your class of driver's license, convictions or suspensions, & sometimes the date of when you first acquired your license. The information given in this report varies by province.

  • Auto Plus Report: This report is a complete snapshot of an automobile insurance policy & claims history.

  • Driver's licence history: In Ontario, this report provides a thorough driver's history including proof of successful completion of a Ministry-approved driver's preparation course.

  • Details from government insurers.

What Included On The Record

The 3-year, Driver's licence history, 5 year, Expanded & Complete/ freedom of information consist of the following driver identification details:

  • Name (as it appears on the driver's licence)

  • Driver's licence number

  • Date of birth

  • Sex

  • Height

  • Class (G, M, etc.)

  • Requirements and endorsements ( for example, requirement to wear glasses or contact lenses to drive, ability to drive a vehicle with air-break, etc)

  • Status ( for example,licensed,unlicensed,suspended)

  • Earliest licence date available

  • Expiry date

Driver's Licence History

The driver's licence history indicates:

  • Driver identification details.

  • Beginner Driver Education course achievement.

  • A list of current & all residential addresses recorded on the record.

  • All driver's licence replacements, renewals, class changes & any other changes.

A driver's licence history can only be requested by the driver themselves, a Canadian law-enforcement agency or by court request.

Motor Vehicle Record Check

If you need knowledge about a person's driving record, there are various types of records & products you can request. each provides particular information about a individual's driving history. The following list comprises of all the record & products available & examples of when they may be necessary:

  1.  3-years driver's record, which can be requested: 

  • By employers requesting the record of a prospective employee who will be driving a company vehicle

  • If you're applying to drive in another province/territory or outside country.

​   2.  Driver's licence history, which can be ordered:

  • When your insurance company needs to see that you've completed a driving-education course to reduce insurance rates.

  • To verify a driver's address in court.

   3.  5-years driver's record, which can be ordered:

  • When your insurance company wants to confirm longer-term driving experience

  • If you're applying to drive in another province/territory or outside country

   4.  Extended driver's record, which can be ordered:

  • To demonstrate longer-term driving history.

  • For legal justifications.

   5.  Complete/ freedom of information driver's record which can be ordered:

  • For legal reason to show complete driving history & further licencing details

    6.  Collision/accident report, which can be ordered:

  • when you need evidence in court because of an accident you were involved in.

    7.  Copies of driver articles, which can be requested:

  • If you want to see records such as an original driver's licence application, conviction reports, suspension notices, etc.

    8.  Driver validation letter, which can be ordered:

  • If you're requesting to drive in another province/territory or outside country

    9.  Driver's licence check, which can be ordered:

  • To verify that your  licence is valid


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