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Here are various definations & types of identity verification being used today. Getbackgroundverified uses many of the following procedures.

Identity Verification

Automatic identification of individuals by using a person physiological & behavioral characteristic ; negative identification can only be achieved with bio-metric identification cannot

Bio-Metric identification Act Of Terrorism Or Terrorist Act

The calculated use of violence or the threat of violence against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature this is done through extortion or coercion or instilling fear.

Automatic Face Recognition 

Bio-metric identification by scanning a person's face imagine it against a library of known faces they use face recognition to spot known extremists.


Bio-metric identification by automatically examining a person's fingerprints electronically.

Irish Scanning

Bio-metric identification by scanniing the iris of the eye the composition of the iris because it is very distinctive.

Signature Recognition

Bio-metric identification by inevitably scanning a person's signature and matching it electronically aligned with a library of known signatures.

Retinal Scanning

Bio-metric identification by searching the retina of the eye identification by retinal scan is complicated bye I movements.


Bio-metric identification by electronically recording a graphically characterizing a person's voice prints are distinctively characteristic of specific speakers.


Evidence of identity something that recognizes a person or thing.

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