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Frequently Asked Questions

Are pre-employment background checks common?

The short answer is yes. Today, close to 80% of all employers, no matter the size of staff or revenue, perform a pre-employment background check on candidates for hire. This need for security and safety has increased ever since 9/11, and related threats, and online data exposure incidents. Pre-employment background checks should always be conducted accurately and professionally and comply with privacy laws and regulations. It is important to always gain consent prior to performing a pre-employment background check on a candidate.

What is a pre-employment background check

Depending on the nature of your business, your industry and the specific requirements of the job, a pre-employment background check will vary. For example, if you operate in the financial industry and your candidate will have monetary responsibilities, a credit background check would be required.

The purpose of any pre-employment background check is to confirm whether or not the candidate is telling the truth – plain and simple. Criminal background checks will identify any criminal records or intent, credit checks will confirm financial stability, reference checks and employment verifications will confirm job titles and responsibilities, and education background checks will verify degrees and certifications. Whether it be their education or their employment history, ensuring the candidate is the best fit for the job and the company can be determined with a pre-employment background check.

Getbackgroundverified offers the following services:

  • Canadian Criminal Record Checks

  • Credit Bureau Inquiries with Identity Cross-Checks

  • Reference Interviews

  • Employment Verifications

  • Education Verifications

  • Credential Verifications

What is the cost of a pre-employment background check?

It varies based on the level of detail desired in a background check. At getbackgroundverified, our services are 100% customizable and range from one (1) service to five (5) or more services combined. Depending on how many services you order and the level of detail required, our pre-employment background checks can cost as low as under $50 to several hundreds of dollars. For more pricing information, please contact us directly at 1-888-343-3679.

Is a candidate’s consent required for a background check?

Yes. All pre-employment background checks MUST have consent by the individual. Getbackgroundverified adheres to Standard Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act , which states that we can only use personal information for the purpose of a pre-employment background check.

How do you get the best results?

At getbackgroundverifid, we take the time to determine our clients’ requirements for their organizations and provide the best pre-employment background check solutions to ensure the right candidate is hired for the job. We look at types of background checks, level of detail and requirements of the position being hired for.

What types of background checks are most common?

At getbackgroundverified, our services are widespread to provide the most secure, accurate and efficient pre-employment background checks for our clients not matter the organization, job or industry. Here are the most common background checks we perform:

  • Criminal Record Checks

  • Credit Bureau Inquiries with Identity Cross-Checks

  • Reference Interviews

  • Employment Verification's

  • Education Verification's

  • Credential Verification's

How do we know which background check is right?

To ensure the right background check, it is important to look at industry and job requirements first. With over 15 years industry experience behind us, getbackgrounverified determine the right pre-employment background check/s for our clients and recommend possible solutions. In the end, it is up to our clients to make the final decision, and we always recommend that their legal or compliance teams support the decisions.

Is there a way to truly verify education and employment history?

Getbackgroundverified will confirm a candidate’s work history, including job titles and responsibilities, as well as employment durations (start and end dates).

Our team of background check experts will also connect with educational institutions to verify degree and/or professional credentials.

Note – All work history and education details should be identified on candidate consent forms.

When should an employment background checked be performed?

Getbackgroundverified recommends that some aspects of an employment check, like reference checks, should be done prior to employing them provided that the candidate has been notified and consent forms are complete and signed.

We recommend that criminal records checks and credit inquiries should be completed after a conditional offer has been made.

How long does a pre-employment background check take?

Times vary depending on number of services, types of searches, and level of detail required.

How much detail is required for an accurate background check?

It depends entirely on the type of service being performed. Only information outlined on consent forms are needed from a candidate to perform a specified background check – aka no blanks!

Do I have rights if a background check is run on me?

You have the right to ask about information collected, where it was collected from, dispute its accuracy, and who else has access to your information. If you have more questions, please read our privacy policy.

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