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We offer customized solutions through our patnerships with world leaders in digital security, identification and authentication. Our Enhanced Criminal background Checks is the perfect example of providing clients with a complete and comprehensive report from using the latest digital security and database technology.


  • This check might include background information, criminal records, driving records and more.

  • All Enhanced Criminal Background Checks are issued through the Local National Repository of Criminal Records.

  • Will search the database for any outstanding entries, including charges, warrants, judicial orders, peace bonds, probation,absolute and conditional discharges and criminal charges, that have been withdrawn, dismissed, stayed of proceedings or contain negative police contacts, if applicable. Nothing is and all Enhanced Criminal background Checks report are 100% transparent.

  • The information from this type of name check can be based on data and allegation that are unproven and as such this type of information is not authorized to be released without the permission of the originating police service so in the event there is a match no details will provided.

  • We believe in providing excellent service at reasonable prices, and we can do this because of our unique business model-secure, online processing. This means that the requirements and process for Enhanced Criminal Background Checks are seamless.


  1. Complete application by providing minimal personal information.

  2. Upload two (2) pieces of Government issued photo identification.

 Enhanced Criminal Background Checks are the most comprehensive criminal screening tools a business or individual can obtain and use to protect their place of business or home or property. 

Call 1 888-343-3679 now to order about Enhanced Criminal background Checks with getbackgroundverified.

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