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Employment Verification

The resume have been screened, interviews conducted, and references checked, but there is critical piece missing from your hiring process: an employment verification.

References are good resources to confirm skills, work ethic and cultural fit, but you can never truly know who is on the other end of the phone and if everything they say is the truth.

An employment verification authenticates the employment eligibility and past work history of your potential new hire. An employment verification gives you the full picture of an individual;s employment history, fulfills your due diligence in hiring the right candidate, and flags past transgressions that might impact the candidate's ability to perform the job.

Quite simply, you can't be as through as possible without running an employment verification, and other background checks. So, unless you want to be screening resumes again in a few months, always conduct an employment verification 

10 Reason To Conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks

You have the perfect candidate ready to start work in two weeks, they've made it past all your hiring "hoops", and you are about to issue the employment agreement. WAIT! Before you send anything, here are ten reasons why running pre-employment background checks are important.

  • They highlight any criminal past.

  • They bring to light any transgressions that may impact an individual's ability to do the job.

  • You fulfill your due diligence and avoid any liability.

  • They paint a full picture of a candidate.

  • Background checks keep employees and customers safe.

  • Drug tests help keep your workplace drug free.

  • Nothing is left behind; background checks are 100% honest.

  • Education checks verify degrees and certifications.

  • It gives you peace of mind.

  • Background checks ensure you've chosen the right person for the job.

Pre-employement background checks are essential to hiring the right person the first time around.

Businesses expect that every resume that comes into their Human Resources (HR) department is authentic, from professional experience and technical skills to education and volunteer work, but sometimes that is not always the case.

It's important when you are hiring an employee that business and HR Managers do complete and thorough Employment Verification check to verify the potential employee in front of them is being honest with their skills and experience. It happens - an individual is hired for work that they apparently have 10 years of experience in yet can't seem to perform step one.

At getbackgroundverifies, we confirm every single employment history outlined on the resume when processing an Employment Verification check. We professional verify company names and locations, dates of employment & positions or titles held. In some cases, the organisations we contact to confirm employment history may be unresponsive, which in this industry often the applicant provided or incomplete information. Not to worry, getbackgroundverified will send a full Employment Verification Report stating whether the information provided to the employer was correct or not. Our employment Verification services include a Criminal Background Check and Credit check. 


Employers need to perform an Employment Verification Check report to determine wether the resume your candidate present is true. Did you know that between 46 % and 53% of all resumes contain errors? when there is a right job market and the competition is hot, applicants often feel pressured to meet all the requirements, - even if it means telling a little white lie

Call 1 888-343-3679 now to order an employment verification Check with getbackgroundverified

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