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How exactly does education verification protect you from education fraud ? Let's look at the basic steps in this process. 

  • Your job listings should require applicants to provide detailed information about their education. Some fields you can include are institution name, dates attended, highest degree obtained, and areas of study. Having this information before running a background check will help you catch discrepancies between their resume and actual education history.

  • After completing your interviews and choosing your top candidates for the job, find a service that will perform a comprehensive background check that verifies the educational credentials provided by the applicants.

  • The background screening company should conduct a through check to verify that the applicant attended the educational institution that they claimed, and that the institution is legitimate. They should also verify the dates the applicant attended the institution, when they completed the coursework and if they truly received the degrees.

  • You should then receive a clear, detailed report back from the screening company.

  • Finally, use the background report to compare what the applicant claims with what they have achieved. if you find any discrepancies, the report will help you determine if this is a deal breaker or a minor issue.

          By completing these basic education verification steps, you can verify candidate experience and ensure that                      applicants have the skill set they need to do the job

Entry-level position often require that applicants have a degree to be considered for the position. A competitive job            market can move people to lie about their credentials to gain an advantage over other applicants. Other may lie about their credentials in hopes of getting a higher salary.

unfortunately, there are many resources online that help applicants misrepresent their educational background. they could use diploma mills to get a legitimate-looking degree with little to no coursework from a phony organisation. There are also online services that help applicants construct their resumes with false information that will get past employment screenings and evade HR systems.

This verification has become very important as in recent times many employees pose fake graduation or post            graduation certificates to land their dream jobs or for better pay or designation. Recently a senior manager working  in a reputed company was ousted from his position when it was discovered that his IIM qualifications were forged. The recent fake pilot scam also reinforces the need for a proper education verification conducted by trusted third party verification agencies.

Through this verification, the legitimacy of an employee's education with resand the course pursued is verified by

contacting the educational institution directly.

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