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Getbackgroundverified is a verification specialist and secure online background check services company, specializing in certified criminal checks, enhanced criminal checks, advanced fingerprinting service, reference checks, employment verification, credit checks and tenant screening. Getbackgroundverified is a proud  company that establishes and solidifies trust with each and every client we work with, no matter what background check service we provide.

Since 2014, Getbackgroundverified has been a vital extension of the Human Resources department for companies that require high quality employment screening and hiring solutions so that they can feel confident and trusted in the hiring decisions they make. With online top of the line series across world, we maintain unparalleled customer service coupled with impeccable results and an unmatched turnaround time for all background check services offered.

Getbackgroundverified ensures that our clients are receiving background check results from the highest level of security and law enforcement. We adhere to the strictest standards in the appropriate disclosure of personal information.

With Getbackgroundverified there is no paper, no faxing, no busy signals and no more waiting in line! We provide all our background check services online where our clients gain access from the comfort of their own home or place of business. The Getbackgroundverified secure authentication platform is easy-to-use, fast, dependable, and most importantly will deliver results. By using this unique business model, Getbackgroundverified is cost-effective by offering the same background check services as our competitors at a lower rate by up to 20%.

Getbackgroundverified is also the leader in growth and evolution of the background check services industry. We offer customized hiring solutions through our loyal partnerships with global leaders in digital security, identification, authentication and biometric technologies. We are connected to the largest forensic biometric database in world, which is used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation along with different Security Intelligence Services across the world. As technologies in the background check services industry continue to change, Getbackgroundverified remains innovative and adaptable to evolution of the field.

At Getbackgroundverified , we have teams of highly trained verifications specialists who are passionate about delivering the best service and accurate results every day. It’s why we do what we do .

Need more information? Want to start background check services with Getbackgroundverified  Call one of our verification specialists today at 1-888-343-3679.

The Pros of Employee Background Checks

When it comes to hiring potential new employee, pre-employment background checks are becoming more of a requirement than a nice-to-have. There has been many cases of candidates making false claims on job applications and resumes or even make attempts to cover up a criminal past. Approximately 22% of employment background checks performed by getbackgroundverified discover discrepancies.

By partnering with accredited vendors, Get backgroundverified allows you to feel secure and protected with the highest level of safeguarding for you, your potential employee, and your business.

Background checks are used by...


Industry Sector

  •  Accommodations

  •  Accounting

  •  Advertising

  •  Aerospace

  •  Agriculture

  •  Air Transportation

  •  Apparel & Accessories

  •  Auto-Banking

  •  Banking

  •  Beauty & Cosmetics

  •  Biotechnology

  •  Chemical

  •  Communications

  •  Construction

  •  Consulting

  •  Consumer Products

  •  Education

  •  Electronics

  •  Employment

  •  Energy

  •  Entertainment & Recreation

  •  Fashion

  •  Financial Services

  •  Fine Arts

  •  Food & Beverage

  •  Green Technology

  •  Health

  •  Information Technology

  •  Insurance

  •  Journalism & News-Legal Services

  •  Logistics

  •  Manufacturing

  •  Media & Broadcasting

  •  Medical Devices & Supplies

  •  Motion Pictures & Video

  •  Music

  •  Pharmaceutical

  •  Public Administration

  •  Public Relations

  •  Computers

  •  Publishing

  •  Rail

  •  Real Estate

  •  Retail

  •  Service-Sports

  •  Technology

  •  Telecommunications

  •  Tourism

  •  Transportation

  •  Travel

  •  Utilities

  •  Video Gaming

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